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Can’t Pay Rent?

Empire Citi – COVID-19 Policy

Empire Citi will honor its rental and lease commitments already made. Empire Citi will not increase rents even if your lease is up for renewal. Moreover, Empire makes the commitment to work with all tenants who are suffering under COVID-19 related modalert 200 illnesses or may have been temporarily laid off from employment.

In some cases, Empire may be comprar winstrol oral prepared to waive fees and additional costs as result of late or delayed rental payments. Empire Citi may also consider allowing the tenant to terminate their lease prior to the end without penalty. *Please contact us for further details.

It is very important to understand that rent is still payable by the tenant, and must be paid in accordance with the terms of the lease. We do not have a rent forgiveness program however, we will work with you to help you pay the rent that may be due. We are in this together!

Please read the helpful links below which will help you apply for Federal, Provincial as well as Municipal klik for mere info emergency financial aid.

Helpful resources to help you pay your rent


Please talk to your friends and family and try to find a financial solution. No one wants to see family go through financial hardship. This is not a time to be embarrassed.

Third Party Resources

Federal Government

Provincial Government

Emergency Isolation Support Benefit, a one time payment of $1,146. See

Municipal Governments

Charitable Organizations

Calgary Co-op- Co-op Care Package for those quarantined, contact  403-219-6064 or

Food Bank, call Hamper Request Line at 403 253 2055 to organize hamper and assign pickup time.

Mustard Seed is helping our most vulnerable citizens during this pandamic. See


A tenant is obligated to pay rent or the landlord can evict, see here

Tenants can dispute an eviction, unless it is for unpaid rent.

At any time, a landlord and tenant can agree between them to end the tenancy by a certain date and save the expense of taking the matter to RTDRS or Court. Evictions for April will occur on May 1st 2020.

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